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All-Star Tea Tree Mint Shampoo 8 oz

100% All-Natural Tea Tree Mint Shampoo in the 8 oz bottle. Discover the invigorating tingle. Made in Michigan!


All-Star Tea Tree Mint Shampoo 32 oz

100% All-Natural Tea Tree Mint Shampoo.  Enjoy the invigorating tingle in the larger 32 oz bottle. Made in Michigan!


Our Story

For the last 15 years we've tried nearly every product available in our barber shops.  We've used some of the best and some of the worst.  The All-Star Grooming line is hand-crafted to our specs based on what we've learned over the years. Use coupon code ALLSTAR20 to save 20% this weekend!

Why Tea Tree Mint?

Tea tree oil has natural anti-inflammatory and anitmicrobial properties which clear old skin cells from your hair follicle helping to keep your your scalp healthy and clean. The mint helps increase circulation to your scalp. This powerful combination has been proven to help prevent hair loss and even increase new hair growth.

100% All-Natural. So, What Does That Mean To You?

For starters, our shampoos have NO harmful paragons which can easily disrupt your testosterone levels. Plus, we have NO damaging sulfates which can leave your hair brittle and frizzy, nor do our shampoos contain and irritating synthetic fragrances or colors.  It's important to remember, your body absorbs all these harmful chemicals which can do significant damage.

Are you a barbershop or salon?

Did you know 7 out of 10 men say the hair wash and scalp massage is the best part of the haircut?  Our team of men's grooming experts will show you to combine our Tea Tree Mint Shampoo and a scalp massage into profitable men's shampoo program for your barbershop or salon.

Barbershops and salons with a men's shampoo program, selling men's hair products, attract and retain more male clients. And did you know, the men's grooming market is projected to reach to $78.5 billion by 2025*.  Grab your share of this booming market today!

To start your All-Star Shampoo Program simply email or call (810) 275-8985 for more info.